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Welcome to the Why I Use Contraception WikiEdit

This forum provides a place for people to share their motivations and beliefs behind contraception use. The purpose is to show the diversity of rationales that go into contraception use-- beyond the message dominating media discourse that people use contraception because they are promiscuous. This wiki has been created as a response the anti-woman discourse surrounding President Obama's Proposal to require private insurers to cover contraception. The idea is that this wiki should be playful but not dishonest, critical but not hateful, subversive but not sarcastic.

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This is your chance to speak back against narratives of contraception usage. With the latest congressional testimonies and diatribes of political pundits, contraception usage has been linked to promiscuity and/or irresponsibility. These narratives often fly in the face of what I know from my own first-hand experience with using contraception, as well as the stories of my friends and loved ones. So let's open up the dialogue and make transparent what contraception is

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So as the video to your right so passionate argues, we need more voices to be heard. Therefore, I created a few forums to make this happen. They are:

  1. The Why I Use Contraception Manifesto. On this page, write up your reasons behind contraception usage. They can be your current rationale or a previous rationale. You can add as many entries as you like.
  2. Why Health Insurance Should Cover Contraception . On this page, write up your arguments for why insurers should cover contraception.
  3. Contraception Stories: We all have stories about how or why contraception became important to us. We also have stories of how health insurance and government become an intimate (and often invisible) partner in our birth control or family planning. Share your story here. Please try to keep your story to 750 words or less.
  4. Me and My Contraception. This is a creative space where you can make videos, songs, poems, images, or any other document that does not necessarily fit into the other pages.

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