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An empty BCP tray. N.B. Littering is bad.

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I, or my partner, use contraception because:Edit

I suffer from debilitating menstrual migraines, and birth control pills help to decrease the regularity and the severity of the headaches. A neurologist prescribes my birth control medication.

  • I have not always been in a committed, monogramous relationship.
  • I live in a culture where the threat of rape is real and prevalent, and I cannot necessarily stop a rapist from attacking me.
  • I love being an aunt to all of my friends' and siblings' kids.
  • I suffer from dysmenorrhea , a medical condition that leads to menstrual pain that is so severe it interferes with daily activities, and if it were not for birth control pills used to suppress my cycle, I would be unable to care for my children or go to work during the most painful days.
  • It regulates my period and reduces menstrual cramping.
  • It provides up a back-up to other forms of contraception.
  • It gives me control over my body.
  • I am (personally) fiscally conservative, and I do not have money to pay for raising a child right now .
  • I had uterine fibroids, and taking birth control pills was the only way I could control the hemorrhaging.
  • I used contraception while I was married to a man who was not only abusive to me but could have been abusive to any children we had. I refused to bring a child into anything less than a safe and loving family environment.
  • I was raped before my 16th birthday-- and the first 30 days after the rape were so much worse because I was sick at the thought I could be pregnant with my attacker's child.
  • After my husband and I journied our way through the financial challenges of one unplanned pregnancy we decided that birth control would be the best way to ensure we are providing the most opportunity and a healthy, loving environment to our one child. Prior to being married I used birth control because while I was generally in committed monogamous relationships throughout my early adult life, finishing college and traveling parts of the world was important to me and ultimately made me a better person, which makes me a better partner and mother.
  • It is my choice to do so.
  • I first went on birth control when I was 14, not because I was even close to being sexually active, but because my dermitologist wanted to prescribe Accutane, which can cause severe birth defects if taken while pregnant. She trusted that I wasn't sexually active, but was cautious about something that might be out of my control, like rape. I later went off birth control when I stopped taking the Accutane.
  • My PMS symptoms were manageable. In other words, I made it through the week of severe depression, migraines and cramps. But I always felt like I was losing a week of my life once a month to something that could be addressed with birth control. I don't love birth control, but it is what works best for my body and makes me most productive.
  • While I believe a marriage should be life-giving, I don't think every act of intercourse has to be. I use contraception because my husband and I believe that being pro-life for us right now means we welcome people into our home, contribute to our communty, and support those around us, not that we have children right away.

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